All About SEO

All About SEO

Search Engine Optimization, otherwise known as seo Drammen, is a repeated and measured process used to send signals to search engines that the site you own has enough information to be displayed in Googles Index. Basically, what it does is use special formulas that enable it to analyze data from web pages to determine which sites should be shown based on the keywords the user has input. This formula known as an algorithm gives score to websites that contain the keywords typed. It ranks the best sites based on Keywords.

After the boom of the internet it is said there are over 1.3 billion websites online and there is no other way of viewing all websites that contain material on what a person is researching on. So how does one find what you’re looking for using the various search engines available? Through SEO. It is a marketing tool tailored to increase traffic to websites that rank higher based on keywords.

SEO ranks websites with the help of ranking factors. It is however important to note that not all factors are equal, and that most sites use factors they consider applicable for their sites. Still there are several factors that are important and at the forefront of SEO.

On-Page Factors.

This contains the most effective factors on how your page is ranked. Page optimization easily determines its search visibility. On-page factors include;

Keywords in title tag.Keywords are input into the title to ensure it describes the contents inside it. This helps pages optimized as such to rank better than others since the keyword is used by search engines to display the main title in a search result.

Keyword in H1 tag. This also acts as a describer of the contents by putting it on a page.

Content. This is determined by how long is the content inside the site. The search engines usually search for informative site and overlook those deemed as only covering basics. Having more than a copy per page can negatively affect your site ranking. Google for instance likes updated content so as to keep the user up to speed with the latest info.

Image Optimization. Using alt text, caption and descriptions images send signals to search engines that they contain
information on keywords.

Keywords in URL. Apart from text and images, keywords in URL’s also send signals to search engines whenever the keywords are input.

Site Factors

Factors like Server location greatly influence the ranking of a site in a particular region. Other factors include Domain trust, Mobile Optimized sites, and Google search Console integration.

Off-Page Factors

Apart from liking at your sites, search engines also look at factors outside. Important off-page factors are Link relevancy, Links from a homepage, Domain Authority of linking page, the number of linking domains and pages.

Domain Factors

Includes Domain registration, Domain history, and Country TLD extensions. These extensions help sites rank higher in their respective countries, that is if the site has a country TLD.

How does SEO benefit businesses?

1. Increased Traffic. Top on the list because its one of the main reasons why businesses use SEO. Top ranking sites usually have the highest traffic, engagements and clicks. With proper implementation of SEO, the site will be displayed on top of search engines.

2. Return On Investment ROI. Search Engine Optimization enables business to track conversions, traffic, and improve rankings but what it does best is give information about the customers and their needs. This helps business to fine tune their marketing activities to save time, money and resources.

3. Brand Awareness. Top ranking usually establishes a much better online presence and with time they become the go-to sites when customers are looking for products or services they offer.

4. Improved Site Usability. SEO usually rearranges the structure of the site making it more user friendly. It also links pages in the website to allow web crawlers find pages and makes it easier for users to find information.

5. Credibility. Pages high on Google rankings usually equate to being credible. This is because most users will prefer sites on top of pages than those at the bottom.